Saaj Craft

Enterprise lurks within every human being, seeking an opportunity to surface. In 2014, Mamata Khemka from Cuttack, Odisha, embarked on a journey of self-discovery to find that within her lay an innate talent for art and craft. Today, SAAJ, Mamata’s flagship company, creates bespoke lifestyle handicrafts under the brand name SAAJ CRAFT, with this talented entrepreneur carving a niche for herself with her ethnic designer products.


Mamata’s product ideas are carried forward by her team of artisans and craftsmen who, along with execution of design, have also honed their finishing abilities. Each finely crafted piece carries the stamp of flawlessness in look and quality, reflecting taste and a willingness to break boundaries. All SAAJ CRAFT products are fashioned out of high quality, ethically sourced wood. A separate line within her portfolio is exclusively made of recycled material.

Quality wood and imported printed paper in exquisite vintage patterns as well as tastefully neutral designs are primarily used to handcraft these beautiful pieces through a special pasting and polishing technique that ensures smooth finish and durability along with functionality and finest aesthetics to enliven your homes and offices.


It is a matter of immense pride that the SAAJ enterprise provides employment, grooming and livelihood to local crafts-persons. Loyal patrons and regular clients of SAAJ appreciate having the freedom to get products customised as per their choice and requirement. SAAJ listens attentively to customer ideas, responding with newer forms of products that fit evolving lifestyle needs. Most often, a SAAJ CRAFT product at home, a hotel or office becomes a conversation piece


Exhibiting a distinguished range of crafted products at lifestyle shows all over India for over half a decade, Mamata’s designer range offers a wide range of choice in design, form and usage, and a consistent assurance of quality in manufacture across all products. With a wide array of small space-saving furniture and gifting ideas, SAAJ CRAFT products are widely sought after by connoisseurs and collectors, especially during festive and wedding seasons

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